Create Swiss Quality Products.
From Idea to Manufacturing.
From Mockup to Deployment.

We develop hardware and software in close cooperation with our clients.
For most projects, Technokrat is the only partner you need.

Technokrat incorporates Swiss quality and precision into its core values.
Much care is taken in our work, and that care shows in the results we achieve.
Our workflow is highly efficient and therefore economical.
We build long-term relationships with our clients and are always there for them.

Let's go!

Consulting & Ideation

Every endeavour starts with ideas. Technokrat takes you on a journey through the process of realizing them. We help to build a big picture from your ideas and talk you through the pros and cons of different architectures and technologies. If in doubt, we create a proof-of-concept together, hands-on.

Full Stack Development

Rapid Prototyping

Our philosophy is to rapidly confirm ideas and discover issues early, so that you can make informed decisions on your way to success. To facilitate this, we have a fully equipped rapid prototyping lab, enabling us to manufacture, solder and 3D print your MVP in just a few days.

Electrical Engineering

Consumer and Industrial Electronics

We create electronics from scratch on a daily basis. After assessing your requirements, we rely on our well established workflow covering simulations, schematic design, PCB layout, manufacturing and testing. Because early CAD co-design is important, we always design our electronics in 3D.

Software Development

Firmware and Embedded Linux

In modern products, hardware and firmware blend more and more. Consequently we have developed significant expertise in creating exactly the firmware your product needs. We use modern technology like Rust and work with embedded Linux down to Kernel level.

Electrical Engineering

Power Electronics

Together with our clients, we design and build power solutions up to megawatt level. Our deep academic and industrial knowledge allows us to achieve market leading perfomance figures. We make extensive use of technologies like GaN and carefully design magnetic components, EMI filtering, heatsinking and control loops.

Software Development

Applications & Cloud Backends

A key component of modern product design is thinking in ecosystems. Whether we are retrofitting an existing product or integrating connectivity in a new project, we are committed to creating well-matched mobile and web app solutions to accompany your product, thereby boosting your user experience.

Full Stack Development

IoT & Energy Harvesting

We design low power wireless sensor and actor nodes down to microwatts. They run for years on a battery or harvest energy from the environment. We support you in selecting the right radio technology, antenna design, RF certification and data processing. We increase the value of old equipment by retrofitting connectivity.


Emergency Response and Support

Sometimes things just go wrong. We don't look for somebody to blame, instead we focus on getting you on track again! In production environments, every minute of equipment failure can be a massive setback. Technokrat responds quickly to your call and can be on-site in no time to fix your issues quickly.