Innovative Engineering from Microwatts to Megawatts.
Agile and Full-Stack.

Top level consulting, electrical engineering, software development, product design and manufacturing – this is Technokrat.
We are 6 passionate young engineers who drive innovation for clients ranging from startups to large corporations.

With a broad spectrum of skills and interests in both software and hardware, from microwatts to megawatts, we use state of the art technologies and components.
Our team is passionate about keeping up-to-date and delivering cutting edge performance, quality and reliability, powered by an open and respectful review and testing culture.

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Lukas Schrittwieser

+41 44 244 27 50

White Paper

Minimizing Life Cycle Cost in
Data Center Power Distribution

The world’s data centers consume an estimate of 300 TWh of electricity each year, which is about five times Switzerland’s annual consumption. Up to 50% of the total consumption is caused by conversion losses and required cooling. Significant reductions in losses, cost, rack space and improved reliability can be achieved using 380 VDC power distribution.
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Open Source Project


Technokrat is commited to maintaining a good balance of using and contributing to open source projects. Every day we work with embedded platforms, but existing debuggers and tools can't always satisfy our needs, especially when working with cutting-edge technology like the Rust programming language. Consequently we started developing a modern, embedded debugging toolkit, written in Rust that interacts directly with a variety of MCUs and Debug Probes.
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