Our Services

Technokrat's versatile services consist of rapid prototyping of electronic products including PCB, CAD, firmware and accompanying software, up to product design and manufacturing for small and medium-sized enterprises at a competitive price.

Our primary goal is to give you a one-stop experience, saving you from the trouble of coordinating between multiple partners doing their part of the job. In today's tech world hardly any product is complete without an ecosystem. Therefore we are commited to offer well-matched mobile and web app solutions to go along your product.

Whether supporting you in creating or improving your new IoT device, retrofitting your proven industrial component with modern tech, constructing the bespoke electronic internals of your key-piece at the light-art exhibit, speeding up your production line, doing complex FPGA designs with cutting edge sensors and RF technology or, maybe, just listen to your needs and give you some advice

— we got you covered!

The Team

With years of experience and joy in designing, hacking and creating old and new systems, we are glad to offer you tidy and well-integrated solutions made in Zurich, Switzerland.

Markus Wegmann

Co-Founder / General Manager

BSc in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology
ETH Zurich


Markus enjoys doing system engineering, scientific R&D and design. Of course he's good at electronics as well. Starting building websites for clients like South Pole Carbon and being influenced by music and audio engineering, he early got into programming his own video games, which eventually introduced him into electrical engineering & hacking. During his studies he co-initiated an impressive submarine robot project (check it out) where he learnt a great amount of the trade and left his fingerprint and a couple of theses. He was involved in almost any aspect of the project, doing management, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as product design, UI Design, and testing. Besides being Co-Founder of Technokrat, Markus is currently doing the last steps of finishing his master's degree focusing on embedded systems, acoustics and VLSI. In his spare time, Markus enjoys being creative by building light installations and trying out bleeding-edge web technologies, lots of them as part of non-commercial projects at the student laboratory AMIV Bastli at ETH Zurich. Also, he met Dan during one of these projects and started building a good team with him.

Dan Mugioiu

Co-Founder / Deputy General Manager

BSc in Electrical Engineering
FHO Rapperswil


Dan is specialized in embedded systems with wireless connectivity. He also has a soft spot for user interface design (bad ones annoy him a lot!). Starting with Rittmeyer (Brugg Group) he got into the world of industrial automation and HMI. During the final stages of his studies, he started at ON Semiconductor (formerly Axsem) as a hardware engineer working on designing, manufacturing and testing IoT systems from prototype to market. He gained lots of insights into communication with asian suppliers during this occupation. Besides being Co-Founder of Technokrat, Dan is currently working part time as a project engineer and tutor at the Institute for Communication Systems at HSR Rapperswil. In his spare time, Dan enjoys dismantling and hacking everything that gets into his hands. He also has commited to contribute to the student laboratory AMIV Bastli at ETH Zurich. Realizing interesting non-commercial projects, helping fellow students understand electronics and learning how to keep a laboratory as a voluntary effort have been valuable experiences for him.



Sepios was a nautical robot project at ETH Zurich. It's propulsion system consists of 36 independently controlled undulating fins and self-stabilization, guaranteeing less turbulence and impact on maritime life. It's motion can be controlled remotely over a LabVIEW interface.


Bastli is a student's electronics laboratory and shop at ETH Zurich we largely extended during six years. The inhouse spare-time and hacking projects are based on a broad variety of technologies, engineering fields and software solutions.

LoRa on Fire

Developed by D. Mugioiu and P. Gujer as part of their bachelor thesis, this evaluation board consists of a reactive webinterface to show the RF & IoT capabilities of LoRa WAN.

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