SmartLab - HV Testing Software for Bushings

Integrated HV Testing Software at ABB Micafil

ABB always strives to improve its processes. Such a process is HV testing of bushings at ABB Micafil in Altstetten, Switzerland. For their new HV testlab, in which bushings up to 245kV are tested, we helped develop and improve the software tooling required to record measurements, store them to a central SQL database and do data analysis as well as automatic report generation directly in the webbrowser.

Previously, the test engineer had to manually determine the required test procedure and record all the measurements in an Excel sheet.
As this process is error prone in its nature, the new software provides tooling to automatically generate the appropriate test specification from SAP data. The test specification can then be loaded by the test engineer, using SmartLab, the new testing software. SmartLab guides the engineer safely through the testing procedure and stores all the measurements, alongside all the other bushing metadata, in a database. The final check, executed by engineering, can then be made in the webbrowser.

Technokrat provided software development in C# as well as TypeScript.
The testing application uses WPF for the UI and the EntityFramework to interface with the SQL database.
All the data is stored in an optimized Microsoft TSQL database. The webapplication has a backend coded in C# with ASP.Net and a frontend in TypeScript, using mithril as the reactive UI framework.